Our Story

Sharing its name with the international Italian dialing code, +39 Pizzeria and Antipasteria provides diners a direct link to Italy — from right here in Melbourne.

+39 is the creation of six Italian friends who grew up together and shared a love of good food. While they may have squabbled, yelled and wrestled over the table for that last corner of lasagna, little did they know that years on they would one day share this great passion for authentic Italian cuisine with all of Melbourne.

Since opening +39 on the vibrant and trendy Little Bourke St in early 2009, they have dedicated themselves to providing diners with the freshest, most delectable and authentic Italian food in Melbourne. Their devotion to exceptional pizza even earned +39 the prestigious ‘Best Pizza in Melbourne’ title awarded by The Age Epicure in 2010.

The restaurant space is open and unrestricting, with high ceilings and unclothed tables. It is constantly buzzing with the energy and excitement of animated diners appreciating Italian food in the true Italian way — with much eating, talking, drinking and laughing. A group may chat over a bottle of one of our fine wines while casually grazing from wooden boards piled with an array of antipasti, such as San Daniele prosciutto with Mozzarella di Bufala, the Affettati Misti selection of cured salumi, or the Formaggi Misti cheese degustation with fruit mustard and truffle honey — all prepared fresh from our own chilled display counter and paired with our handmade Foccacia Semplice.

The chink of clinking glasses and sighs of bliss may be heard as a group of diners take their first bite of an impossibly light, sumptuously chewy slice of one of +39’s renowned pizzas. The perfect, slightly smoky-flavoured bases are topped with inspired combinations of the best, freshest and most authentic Italian and locally sourced ingredients.

Within only a few hours of service, the delightful earthy scent of fresh pizza fills the room as our genuine pizzaiolo works hard manning the giant open pizza oven in the back corner of the restaurant. He slides out perfectly thin-based pizzas onto plates with a paddle while our friendly, silky-accented and all-Italian wait staff whisk the plates from table to table with expertise and charm, chatting amiably with diners as they go.

While we may be well known for pizza, we also offer a delicious selection of pasta, risotto, salads and luscious desserts that are made with the same meticulous care and dedication with which we make our pizza. We also offer specials daily that are written on our huge curved chalkboard so walk in for a surprise delight.

+39 boasts a chic and trendy atmosphere, yet it exudes a joy and warmth that comes from the most basic pleasures in life that are so celebrated in Italy — food, wine, family and friends. We believe that +39 is truly a direct line to Italy, representing an ultimate Italian passion: the pure enjoyment of eating. Buon Appetito!