The Age Good Food Guide

Isn't there a bylaw that says lunch spots in the legal district have to be awful? Espressino is among a handful of defiants, serving clever piadina (prawn, zucchini, tomato) and excellent Italian sugar hits.

Melbourne's Weekly Magazine

He just can't put a foot wrong. The man behind Pizzeria +39 (winner of The Age Cheap Eats Pizzeria of the Year), has marked yet another city space with hs magic Italian brush. The result is Epressino, a hip cafe that serves up some of the tastiest and simple Italian fare this side of Rome. Bicycles under spotlights adorn the towering walls, but it's the fine food that makes Espressino a favourite. Think pizzetta rich with napoli, mozzarella and fresh basil, or panini stuffed with salami, pecorino and roast peppers. Wash it down with a blood orange granita. Bellissimo.

The Age Epicure

I attribute the 10 kilos I gained in nine months in Italy to two things: gelato and piadini. A fine version of the latter can be found at Espressino — along with a selection of pizzettes (mini pizzas), panini, salads and sweets. My favourite piadina — a filled, toasted flatbread — is the prosciutto, rocket, mozzarella and artichoke, served drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil. Not too heavy, nor light, it's the perfect midday filler. Wash it down with a blood-red orange granita or a cup of coffee. Try the Dimattina house blend or a single-origin Cuban variety.

The Age Epicure #2

Espressino granita comes in two flavours: semi-sweet lemon and blood orange, with a third — coffee — available over summer. Made from an imported base and using an Italian granita machine, fresh juice and peel is added when the fruit is in season to make the granita zing.