Our Coffee

The +39 custom coffee blend satisfies the most discerning espresso and café latte fanatics.

We tap in to generations of family knowledge to source truly unique Arabica origin coffee, from both family owned estates and speciality plantations from all over the world. Expert artisan roasting techniques are used resulting in full flavours and characteristics that have become synonymous with the +39 blend; a rich and intense crema delicately balanced with dark chocolate and honey overtones.

This coffee is the result of a personal journey that started 20 years ago.

As a child, Dad and I were given the task of grocery shopping on Saturday mornings and we’d always stop by our favourite coffee factory. I’d perch on his shoulders and breathe in the enticing aromas while listening to the soft hum of the roaster. Years passed but the visits to the factory continued and my passion for coffee grew. It was there where I was introduced to a man who shared my zeal, Robert Dimattina. At one of our early meetings he made me a limited release Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, retailing at $150 a kilogram, and needless to say we soon became very good friends!

Robert and I have worked together for more than two decades, basing our relationship on the old fashioned principles of a firm handshake and a commitment to quality.

Today, that commitment continues to drive our business. Our skilled baristas take pride in every coffee produced, earning the respect of our savvy customers who soon become regulars. We are now blessed with a loyal client base that understand and embrace the vision for our award winning +39 and Espressino businesses.

We hope you can join us for a coffee soon!

Angelo Panella